Couple of great things…

When you come across great things you should share them….

1- Plant Yourself Podcast with Michael Klaper # 246 . Amazing conversation it was intelligent, thought provoking and some great information about eating Whole Foods Plant Based. I just loved IT! It’s worth your time.

2- Rich Roll’s YouTube or Podcast with Dean and Ayesha Sherzia MD of The Alzheimers Solution. I think if people listened to these two amazing doctors we would have more people changing their lifestyles. It blew me away. Their discoveries about how lifestyle can prevent and reverse cognitive decline made me hopeful. I hope that these two find a big audience. I had to go out the next day and purchase the book.

3- Raising Healthy Parents by Sid Garza-Hillman. What a great read. It’s funny, direct and engaging. By exploring and expanding yourself it makes you a better parent. What I loved though was the small step ideas for introducing a healthier lifestyle to my son. I started a couple of ideas this week and plan to introduce more of his ideas in the coming weeks.

I love when I find something new to read or listen to. I find I am always wanting more education on the Plant strong Lifestyle 🌱✌ I thought I would share what impacted me.

Cheers and eat more plants💚


Second day chili

Lunch- super simple. Second day chili with greens, an apple and some water👍

The plan…

Well my plan is in place for 2018. Yes, I am that person. I plan to LIVE every single day, EMBRACE new things and SEEK new adventures this year. I always have a word and this year I have three.

Let’s get to the details.

WFPB is fundamental in higher energy levels and keeping my blood pressure normal. Whole Foods Plant Based is still my top priority this year. I plan to try new recipes and get my guys eating these meals more often. I did a recipe from the new The Engine 2 Cookbook and it was very well received by my 12 year old and husband. So SEEK new recipes and EMBRACE new cooking challenges.

Move that ass. With the help of my coaches Josh and Howard from The Big Change Program. My plan is to build some leaner muscle, get my core stronger, run a 5K ( I’m saying it out-loud) and do the Turkey Trot in October. I also am committing to my 2nd year of the 52 hike challenge with bigger peaks planned and new trails. This commitment kept me outside and trying new things in 2017 and I loved it. I am also joining the Adventure series with this being my second year I need to SEEK some new adventures this year. I cannot wait to see where I go this year. Last year was a huge focus on food and I feel like I control that now, I’m going to be a lean mean plant machine.

Write on this blog once a week or more. It is fun and it is a great way to share photos and ideas. Even if it’s just for

Continue to minimize my life. Get rid of things that are no longer important. Minimize the noise in my life.

Get outside!!!! Enjoy trails, grow my container garden, camping, walking just get outside. Join the 30X30 challenge again this year.

Use my money on events not thing.

I plan to continue at loving myself and being kinder this year. I have learned through exploring in The Big Change Program that being negative and self loathing has pushed me no further in life. It’s time to see if LIVING life and EMBRACING who I am bring better results. Bring it on!!!!!

Cheers and Happiness☀️


Made some crisp and fresh rice wraps this afternoon. I made enough for lunches for a couple of days.

1 year ago

Who I am today is completely different from 1 year ago. This girl is a nature loving, plant eating machine. 1 year ago I was a processed food junkie who had extraordinarily high blood pressure. I was unmotivated, lethargic and wanted more from my life. I knew I had to change but even my hospital scare in the summer didn’t make me change. I just wanted my blood pressure meds to do all the work. But they weren’t making things better. My heart was still working so hard❤

I can hold my weight in a good way. But recently looking back a pictures I can see where the changes have been made. I see it in my face. 35 pounds have made a big impact. But I feel different. I feel younger and boy do I want more!!! Experience life, seek new adventures and embrace what is happening daily!!! That is what my blog is about this coming year. My power works….LIFE, SEEK AND EMBRACE ❤ 2018 is going to take me into a different phase. I cannot wait to see where I am on Christmas Day 2019. This year is going to be EPIC!!!


Caution.That’s how I lived my life, with caution. A bear in the area, walking on my own or running at night. Nope. I would just stay where I was comfortable or wait for someone to join me.

But now it’s time to get outside and explore. We are told from the time we are little girls that we shouldn’t do things on our own. We have an abundance of fear. I think that has stopped woman from exploring our own potential. It did for me.

Am I careful, hell yeah. Because lets face it, like the sign says, there is a bear in the area. There are also idiots out there so, someone always knows where I am and I use my gut instinct at all times.

I do walk with my hiking tribe but, I’m not waiting anymore. Because of that I seen…….

No bears in the area. Thank goodness.
Beautiful art in the trees.

Art from the Beavers.

I had squirrels for running partners and they are much faster than me. Chickadees following me through the trees because they thought I would feed them. Dogs that needed petting and baby talk.

Some spectacular scenery on the Fraser River

I enjoyed every second. The sun was shining. The people I meet were friendly and enjoying themselves. It is really freeing to to live a life with just a side of caution. I am making things happen this year. I am “DO”ing activities I love. I am making my own Big Change.  

Cheers and have a great week!!


Wake up!

When did I decide I wasn’t athletic? When did I decide that I wasn’t any “good” at any sports? When did I decide I wasn’t an outdoor person? Why did I never challenge that belief about myself ?

It started when I was a clumsy girl, now I know I was just growing. It started in high school gym class, which was just humiliation for a shy, uncoordinated teenager. It was the adult voices that told me,” I just wasn’t good at sports.” It was me believing that and shutting down. I dropped gym class as soon as I could and put that part of me in the background. Pushed it way back, so I couldn’t reach it. I was never going to be judged, criticized and humiliated again.

What changed? Why did this part of me wake up? Well, it started with David Suzuki’s 30×30 challenge, 3 years ago in May. 30 minutes outside for 30 days. I woke up to the beauty of nature. I woke up to the sounds of birds singing and squirrels chattering. I woke up to seeing nature wake up in Spring. I woke up smelling earth as it rains and the wild roses blooming. I could feel the sprinkle of rain, the smoothness of leaves opening and my legs working in a new way. I woke up and took baby steps into a new way of seeing thing. Nature doesn’t make you feel stupid, she just wants you to see and enjoy the show she puts on. I am awake.

This past year I decided let’s see more. A 52 hike challenge and a hiking group developed. I have changed the way I look at activity and being aware that I can do alot more than I believed. I woke up more.

I’m writing this post because this past week I feel like alot of us have stopped trying to be more, because we are afraid. We are afraid of judgement. We are afraid to be outdoors by ourselves. We are afraid to ask more for ourselves. We are afraid of failing. So, we stop and we get comfortable. It feels like a really good place to be.

But as I wake up, I can tell you there is more. We can feel like a kid again. We can tell our inner critic to ” shut the fuck up!” My coaches told me too. We can take baby step into running and learn the techniques we were never taught. We can learn to love moving our bodies, they are remarkable. We can learn about stress and rest. We can learn how to hold your hands when running. You can look like a goofball in your own house while practicing running form. You can learn to push a 46 year old body and it feels really good. You can get sweaty and just enjoy the sights around you. You can run/hike/walk and take selfies (I do it all the time). You can build your own tribe of amazing people who will want to join you on your journey. ( it still wigs me out when someone asks to go hiking with me)

This is my year of seeing what this body can do. I have fed it crappy food for 45 years. When I feed it Whole Food Plant Based this past year, it like my alarm clock went off  and I am awake. I am awake for new opportunities. I am awake to try new movements. I am awake to see what an athlete feels like. I am awake to feeling fear and doing it anyways. I am awake!!!!

Just Start Already!


The best cookbook!



I am just going to start. I am overthinking this blog and I just started. (lol) I did a great post about my why and it got lost in cyber space. Now I don’t feel like redoing that post. I tried and it just wasn’t the same.  I’m just starting and plunging in.

This blog is going to be me sharing things I love. Essentially a diary of all things plant based and my journey into the next part of my life. This past year has been about getting myself healthy and the next part is about finding out what I can do with the 46 year old body. It should be fun. I know that a blog helps me with accountability and allows me to be creative.

I follow Engine 2  Seven Day Rescue Diet by Rip Esselstyn and Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn  Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease to control my high blood pressure. It has helped me eliminate both of my blood pressure medications and drop 30 pounds. Recently I joined The Big Change Program run by Howard Jacobson and  Josh LaJaunie . I am looking for these two to push me out of current comfort zones and explore more mindset techniques. I have been with them a month and it’s going very well. I am trying running and learning more about excavating to get to who I really am. With these two it’s all about the DO to get to the BE.

In all, this is a blog about a girl just trying to discover who she wants to be for the next half of her life.


Let me introduce myself…



   I’ve decided to get back to writing a blog. I’m pretty excited and have been pondering this for awhile.  I have created space in my life and I think I can put some of my time into sharing what I’m doing on my journey.

What you should expect from my blog? Reflection, shared ideas and me bumbling my way through my journey to become healthy. Happinesslight was chosen because I found that on my path to become healthy I’ve discovered that I feel lighter and experience more happiness. Starting tomorrow I’ll explain the why of my journey. For today it was getting myself to commit to the idea of sharing a piece of me on a blog. Done and this should be fun!